Cutting expanded metal

I see Hypertherm has a setting for cutting expanded metal. Has anyone been able to cut it with a Primeweld? I did a search but don’t see much…

According to the Primeweld site, the Cut60 has a continuous pilot arc for cutting expanded metal or grate. This means the arc will shut off and then re-start when it reaches the next section of metal. You will probably have to turn off the THC(if you have one), because it will detect the loss of arc and throw an error.

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Thanks for that, I guess the one place I didn’t look was the most obvious. I wonder how that’s going to look? Meaning if it has to strike an arc every time does that mean cut speed should be lower as it won’t have a pierce each time it encounters metal…

My Everlast has a similar function, but I’ve never used it.

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I managed to cut some woven wire mesh today. It’s similar to expanded metal. Very nice look and very sturdy! Here’s a short video of the cut.

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What machine torch is that? I’ve been on the wait list with Primeweld so long I am about ready to give up.

PTM60 I got it through Primeweld…

When? If recent, I may hold out for them.

November 21

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Try George @mechanic416 he has them on his ebay store.

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You can get the same torch from George on this forum @mechanic416 It costs more than buying it from Primeweld, but you could have it now.


Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to post video. It’s very helpful to see things like this.

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What is the setting we have to change to cut expanded metal on the Hypertherm please?

Set it to continues pilot arc.