Cutting diagonally

If you were to need to cut something diagonally corner to corner across the table what would be your best bet for laying it out in your drawing? Would you still do it with y axis on top x axis to the right z axis straight out? Trying to figure it out before I actually create the drawing and cut.

I’d create a drawing canvas (page) that’s the 25.3x23.3" Crossfire limit. Then layout my project and skew it on the page so it’s along the diagonal.

When cutting I’d take my material and tilt it on the table so it’s running along the diagonal. Set my 0,0 and run it with the torch off so I can check if it’s going to land on the steel correctly (you can replace the torch head with a sharpie marker if yo want - you’ll get all the travel lines too but you’ll be able to see if it’s lined up right).

If you do the sharpie thing you might want to make yourself a sharpie holder you can put in the torch mount vs hanging it off the side. That way you’ll get a line that matches the position of the torch head. I took a 1" wood plug and drilled the center so I can wedge a sharpie marker in it. I just pop that in the torch mount when I’m doing some of these types of tests.


Great idea, like a piece of cardboard would work, like the sharpie idea also! Thx. Jim!!!

I would just write the code in notepad
G90 <-- absolute mode
G70 <-- fixed cycle
M3 <-- plasma on
G4 p0.3 <-- dwell
G1 X23.3 Y25.3 F129 <-- travel in X & Y @ feedrate 129
M5 <-- plasma off
M30 <-- end of file rewind

X & Y travel needs to be on the same line for diagonal travel.