Cutting aluminium

I have a crossfire pro and razorweld cut 45 plasma cutter, i’ve been trying to cut 1\8" aluminium I was wondering what settings I should use (speed, amps, air pressure and torch height) I have done some and not the greatest results, also the torch will sometimes “cut out” during some of the cuts, I change the consumables with no improvement, there seems to be an exess of dross on the top of the cut. thanks in advance

Do you have torch height control?

yes I do, I think its working ok


From your description it sounds like you might be moving too fast.

Here are the settings I use for my hypertherm. If you set your razor weld for 45 amps I would lower the feed rate to 70-75ipm to start and try that with all the other settings the same.

(Hypertherm powermax 85 45amp std nozzle 45amp 100ipm 140volts ph.15 th .06 pd .4)

Here’s some of the 8th inch material I was working with

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Thanks tinwhisperer, I’ll try that, I was also thinking it might be my ground clamp, I’ll keep at it and I’ll get! With thanks to all who have helped to date👍

Yes, definitely clamp to the material. Good luck please post your results.