Cutting a 4x10 or 5x10 sheet on a 4x8 table

I was curious if you guys have done this and/or how you have done this, if there are any tricks or tools, squares, or guides, that you could share with me. I would appreciate feedback… here’s my situation:

I have a 9ft long part made from sheet… These are the options I have brainstormed to achieve producing it:

  1. I cut 8ft of the part, then 1 foot of the part, weld together, grind/polish and hope I dont have grind divots/marks on my base metal or warpage from heat.
  2. I cut the 9 foot part in half to make the weld seem more uniform to the center of the part, but same process as #1.
  3. I cut 8ft of the part, then hand draw the rest and cut by hand.
  4. I split my drawing into 2 cuts, line up my longest straight edge of the cut to be parallel with my Y axis, make the first cut, slide sheet so remainder is on table, run my torch along the Y axis to where my sheet is aligned with my reference cut, go to end of first cut and zero work position, start 2nd cut of the drawing.

Im hoping #4 is something that guys do, and hopefully I’m not missing anything in that process because Id love to make it work.

Look on YouTube for CrossFire PRO videos… I know that I’ve seen a guy doing “Index Cuts” like you describe… cuts the first part of his item, then shifts the long side of the sheet further into the machine (checks his index points) and then runs the remainder of the cuts.

Didn’t seem like a huge hassle for simple parts. Not sure what sort of accuracy you need and if that might end up being a dealbreaker or not.


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