Cutting 3/8 in steel plate with the Razorweld cut 45 that came with my Crossfire Pro

It maybe a setting problem. Most of the time it cuts all the and then sometimes it doesn’t. I have it set at 1 sec delay 45 amp speed at 12 ipm. Any help would be nice.

I haven’t cut anything that thick yet, but I would definitely be using a longer pierce delay. 1 second is not long enough to pierce all the way through a 3/8" plate.

Set the delay to 1.3 s and I would increase speed to 18 ipm.

thanks for the information

I just did some 3/8 with my hypertherm 65. I set pierce to 1.3 seconds and 30ipm. I also ran at 50 amps. The book for mine said at 45 amps it could do 33ipm. All the pierces were fine and pretty low dross.

Thank you all very much for your help. now I’m having problems with the Razorcut 45 Plasma Cutter by having a misfiring issue. Also air is being released out of the bottom of the filter regulator that’s inside the plasma cutter. not sure if that’s normal. For now I order a 100k ohm 1/2 watt resistor and going try to preform a field repair per that TECHNICAL BULLETIN - 9/23/2020. Never done anything like that so wish me luck.

It is not normal for air to come out of anywhere other than the torch nozzle. The air problem is probably the cause of your misfiring issue. I would deal with that before attempting the resistor repair.

Is this a constant flow of air or only when the torch is commanded to fire? If it is only when the torch is firing, it may be the air solenoid or one of the hoses that go to the solenoid has come loose.

The only way air can come out the hose at the regulator is, Air pressure to the plasma cutter over 125psi, water in the bowl, something stuck in the drain, or it setting on something pushing the drain up… If its none of these then its a bad regulator.

If you really don’t know how to do the update, don’t do it. You could damage your plasma cutter.

Thanks for the replay, this is a constant flow and i checked all the hoses and it’s only coming out of the hose from the bowl at the bottom. It just started doing this when it started the misfiring. I have my regulator set at 100 going into the cutter and no water in the bowl. hose coming out of the bowl is clear.

So I decided to take the plasma cutter apart per the technical bulletin just to see how it looks like inside. It said to remove the C101 capacitor from the board completely. Will there is nothing in that location, already empty. Looking at R121 location and it has a 1003 in that location. It’s real small but using a magnifying glass 1003 is what it looks like. Does this mean Razorweld did the repair or should I have someone install the 100k ohm resistor in that R121 location?

Yes it has already been done at the factory.

I just got my new XR Table and Razerweld45 set up cuts 1/8" and thinner beautiful but when i try to cut 1/4" it looks like crap. any help for the setup would be great.
I got a print to quote but I’m not sure the Razerweld is going to do it. I hope I am wrong
it has a .600 round hole and a 1/4 x1/2" rectangle hole.

I have cut .250 with the razorweld. It looked nice. Used the cut chart spec’s turned air pressure up. Do not use aftermarket consumables.

mine cuts 1/4 inch plate perfect with no dross at 45ipm and 40amp 1 sec pierce delay

i’ll try more tomorrow