Cutting 3.5" x 8" slots in 1/4", would you use Feed optimization? Answer is NO (Solved)

Would you use feed optimization on slots this large?
Being the radius is so big would you still use the 60% rule?

on 1/4" I run 60amps and 60ipm on a TD cut master 82 with machine torch. I wouldn’t bother with the feed optimization on a radius that big.


With a radius that large, I don’t see any situations where Feed Optimization would be a benefit. Should cut nice and clean at regular speed.

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I am not even sure what you are cutting with whether it is a MR-1 or Plasma table.

Nonetheless, Feed Optimization is really for cnc milling to allow the mill to slow on the radius as more of the mill’s surface is contacting the material during the turn versus on a linear cut.

On a plasma cut it doesn’t matter as there is no analog.

It does matter on plasma cutting, because the plasma stream trails behind the Torch. Feed optimization allows you to slow the travel and allow the plasma stream to catch up and prevent severe beveling on small radius curves.


Do you have a reference to that?

Hypertherm has several documents on plasma cut quality. It’s pretty well known that slowing down to around 60% of program speed results in significantly less bevel on holes and small arcs.


@djlois here is a good reference at 1:45


Did not even think to say it was for plasma. I cut the slots today and they cut perfect at regular cut speed for the RW 45.