Cutting 16 ga mild steel

Hello All, I need some assistance. I have the RazorWeld cut 45 and I am trying to cut out a grill cover. However, I am getting a ridiculous amount of warping. Clearly my settings are wrong and I am not sure where. I am using 25 Amp, 100 ipm, 75 psi, 1 sec delay, .059 cut height, .157 pierce height.

Fireplace Cover (1)

Crank amps up to 45 and increase cut speed to 195-200 imp and let it eat., be a lot less warping. Try cut speed on scrap material to get dialed in but should be close. I have cut a lot of 16-gauge material on my pro table, and all cut 45 amps minimal to no warping.


I still got quite a bit of warping due to the slit features in the two pieces.

Yeah that’s going to be hard to avoid with long thin cuts. Add some bracing in between in the design. Get the water table as full as you can.

If you’re using sheetcam you can select the “reduce thermal distortion” option that will cut sections far apart from each other to avoid building up heat.


needed a Junction monitor box for new solar install …this was 16ga mild steel …used Tinwisper’s chart which had cut speed at around 250 ipm …was a little hesitant about this but it worked perfect, very minimal dross …set her up and let her fly boys …I’m a believer


what amps were you running? I’m doing a lot of things with 16ga and get a dross that I can’t even braided wire wheel off. I’ve been messing around with speed and up to 150ipm but was thinking I was going to go to fast eventually but at 250 I’ve got some legs still on getting the setting right. I’m around 35amps.

For what it’s worth, with a RazorCut45, we’re cutting 16ga at 180ipm @ 45 A. .6s Pierce delay, .15" Pierce height, .06" cut height. Good cuts, some dross but it come right off.

Thanks! Good to get some confirmation. I know dross seems like a bit of trial and error so it is good to get some baseline info with similar setups as I’m running the RZ45 as well. I kept thinking I would maybe overheat things with the 45 amps but maybe the increased speed compensates for it. I’m guessing airflow is part of it too but will mess with my options tonight to see!

i run 250ipm 80psi at 40amps very little dross cut hot cut fast

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Might as well chime in here as well…

16ga CRS… Everlast 50S… 32A… 165ipm… 72psi… .15" pierce height… .06" cut height…

Never tried going any faster with more amperage but, would probably be a good thing to play around with some time. Results at my stated 32A are good enough that I just havent messed with it… And, just a hobby guy here so speed hasn’t been a factor…


Interesting! Thanks. I was on my way up to your speed with similar amps. This may be a dumb question but does speed impact fine details at all? I realize systems are capable of accuracy as listed but some of this small fine line details on a horse cutout I’m wondering if there is risk with speed. Maybe better question, is the accuracy stated by Langmuir all the way at the top speed or a lower bottom industry standard speed.

I run fine cut on all my 16ga steel. I have hypertherm 45xp I use low speed setting…
150ipm @ 40A. .6s Pierce delay, .15" Pierce height, .06" cut height. I still get some dross and even the manual says it’s not dross free. I believe you can buy fine cut tip for your machine if you really want fine details.

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