Cuts not going through... grounding issue?

I’ve seen jagged cuts like that produced for a few different reasons.

Z-axis bobbing up and down ( hunting ) is one of them

I’ve also seen it where the torch has some internal problems with air flow and will cause it effect like that.

Sometimes parts in your torch like plug holes in the swirl ring.

Slug of water vapor could have that effect.

Any loose wiring on your THC may do that.

If you run your z-axis up and down in fire control the page up and page down keys is it freely move up and down with no sticking or chatter. Try it with a few different speeds. But I would stay away from 200 and 300 in per minute on the z-axis.

What you’re looking for as far as air dryness is the equivalent to humidity in air minus 40° . I have an air cooler, refrigerated air dryer, and a desiccant cell (I swap my beads over every other time I cut)

Those intermittent problems are always hard to diagnose.


Thanks I’ll definitely use this while investigating the issue, think I’m gonna toss a refrigerated dryer on first just to be 100% sure if my air as it is super humid here

This is the standard you should be aiming for.

ISO 8573-1
Class 1.2.2

Column b deals with water vapor.

The dark blue is where a passive or active ambient air cooler will get you to.

The blue color is where a refrigerated air dryer will get you to.

And the light blue is where a desiccant cell will get you to.


Thanks man, always a bastion of knowledge around here I appreciate your help. I’ll mess with it this week a bit before the dryer shows up and see if I can’t get it solved

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I had the same issue. Turns out the the tiny ports in the swirl ring were plugged with something powdery from the new air hose that I just installed. Cleaned all the orifices with a welding tip wire cleaner. You may want to check.