Cuts coming out upside down?

I did my first letters today and it came out upside down… ? What did I do wrong haha

X and y axis were reversed at the computer

Did you by chance flip them up in the top right corner? Sounds like a new style font. Hope your not upside down and there right. (joking of course) Wait i really do hope you are not upside down on a mountain.

Maybe he’s in Australia - they’re upside down from us :slight_smile:

Hmm explains why we are the students and you are the Teacher!

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This actually happened to one other customer a few months back and it turned out that we had one of the motors wired backwards. Does your machine jog correctly?

Could I have them plugged in the wrong x or y axis?

Honestly seems like one axis jogs reversed… I’ll take a video of it tomorrow I can also post my cad file

@langmuir-daniel my axis were reversed… fixed issue


What specifically did you do to reverse the axis back to normal?

swapped x axis and y axis cables where they plug into the control box. I had the same issue after I relocated the control box to behind a small halfwall where my PC station is set up. Providing that the stepper motor drivers are the same size rating, this might be an option for mirrored cutting. the result of the axis’ being swapped is an inverted and mirrored appearance. Also, I think the Crossfire is the only machine that this could be a problem with since there is only 1 x axis and 1 y axis.