Cuts became 4 inches off halfway through the operation. Coupler slip?

Hey gang, I was cutting a sign yesterday and stepped away for a moment. When I came back to check progress, I noticed the entire image was off by 4 INCHES. I made a dry run through the operation before starting, and it worked fine, so I don’t think it’s a file problem.

I’m using Fusion 360 and Mach3. My toolpath simulator isn’t working for some reason in Fusion (another issue), so I couldn’t verify prior to sending it. I’ve done some searching here, and it seems possible my couplers have slipped, but 4 inches??

I’m new and learning, done a fair amount of cutting on this table, but this is the first time I’ve had this problem.

I’m not at the shop currently, so I can’t check that until later today.

maybe couple slip or maybe a tip up crash while you were away from the table.

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Thanks. What would a tip up crash be? Is that the torch crashing into part of the work piece?

yeah maybe the drop from the C tipped and caught the torch

That would make sense, because after stopping the operation and looking at the piece, there were a couple drops that were sticking up.

On that note, do you always stick around and watch the operation to catch these before they cause problems? Is it bad practice to walk away?

Yes in most cases I stay and mind the machine useless I am cutting something that wont have tips .


Thank you, I’ll try again. And thanks again for your helpful video a while back!

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You are Welcome.

Happy Cutting!

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As mentioned, tip up caught up on the torch or simply a loose coupler.

My couplers are tightened with a mark on the lead screw to match the socket cap screws on the coupler; if they ever become misaligned that means my coupler slipped.

Good habit to stick around and watch the machine as it cuts. I’m guilty of having walked away but it’s mostly when large pieces are being cut as those don’t have a chance to fall out into the slats unless they’re narrow like this -

That’s 1/4" caught up against the slat which definitely would’ve thrown the whole piece off if the torch came into contact with it. I didn’t even flinch as I was watching it while it was moving :sweat_smile:


I would have clocked my sheet 90 so slats would have held my part.

Oh for sure and I agree. The decision to cut those hangers was last minute as I cut that small target out for free for someone.

Then I thought “why not cut those hangers” so I left the steel plate alone.

I didn’t even think about it at the moment :rofl:

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I would have done the same thing trust me, but sitting here watching it, its so easy to tell you what you should have done. Dont you just love people sharing their wisdom? :rofl:


Wisdom is wisdom! And next time I cut something in haste, your comment might resonate and I’ll be like “oh yeah”


Hey Fredy…word of advice…
You material clamp…try to keep the wire of the clamp out of the water…they have a tendency to wick water up the copper line and then corrode the line inside the rubber coating over time…