Cuts are not complete

I have been learning how to use system. I have made a few cattle gate parts without issue. Used Fusion 360 to create parts. Now I am having issues. Needed to make 4.25 inch post caps(simple circles). I am using 3/16 steel and the torch will pierce the material but not cut.
I am using thermodynamics cutmaster 52 plasma cutter, travel seed is 85 inch/min. The same setting used for previous cuts. Any ideas on what to check?

always the consumables first…
then the air pressure…
do you have any pictures of the poor cuts?

Are you grounding directly to the metal plate? Post a photo.

A lot of settings go into the cutting. Tell us PSI when the torch is running, standoff, grounding to table or steel plate, compressed air cleaner method. Have you changed the consumables recently? Is the swirl ring directional and possibly in wrong orientation?

The Cutmaster52 PDF manual says 60amps, 70PSI (actual psi when torch is firing, not compressor setting), 100IPM for 3/16", is your standoff too high or low from the manual setting of 0.19" for both pierce and cutting? What is your pierce delay, manual says 0.2s which seems very short.

Whenever cuts deteriorate immediately, something has changed but the user isn’t recognizing what changed from when everything was working correctly.

Once plasma cutting is dialed in per steel thickness, it’s systematic, you do the exact same thing every time. If you change anything, being aware of the changes is needed.

Also are you running your water table dry? That would not be part of the problem here but just curious it looks empty.

here is what I see…

  • each circle is the same pattern with cut problems

  • your pierce delay is to long…need to shorten the time…that is part of the reason for the big hole.

  • you should have a lead in to your cuts…either arc or another lead in…this helps prevent the burn hole.

  • not sure what your settings are for your torch…amps…speed (IPM)…air pressure

  • how big a compressor are you running with…

  • slow down your cut speed to start

  • make sure you are close enough to the material…0.06 of an inch I think is what works best

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