Cutmaster 60i automation board wiring

I received my crossfire Pro back in may. Sadly this is the first opportunity I have been able to get around to setting it up. The table is up and running just fine. I ran the break in program with no issues.

Now it’s time to hook up plasma cutter. I have the cutmaster 60i and ordered the 9-8308 automation kit and 9-1011 CNC cable which is just a long pig tail for the CNC Port that’s added with the automation board. There is already knock out in the back of the machine for the port. It comes with a jumper harness to go from the J 609 connector on the board to the automation board. I noticed two spades coming off the automation board labeled J3 and J4. I have no clue where these needed to be wired/tapped into. This thing came with 0 instructions on the hook up. Any help would be greatly appreciated

@theslammer21 did you get this figured out? I’ve got the same equipment and am just getting started on putting it all together. Kinda lost at the beginning here and looking for anything that others have done.

I did. I think I was overthinking it a little bit and got some diagrams from TD. Sent you a message.

Can someone help me on the TD 60i is the automation pc board really needed? If not pics or direction would be greatly appreciated finishing the assembly of the crossfire pro. KZ