Cutmaster 52 with Machine Torch wiring

I’m trying to wire the SL100 machine torch from my Cutmaster 52 for the THC. I sent an email to TD to see what they recommend since this unit doesn’t come standard with the machine torch. They sent me a couple part numbers. 1- An automation interface kit (9-8311), and 2- a 25’ cable assembly (9-1008). I didn’t want to splice the wires on the Cutmaster, it would void my warranty and these parts get me to the 50:1 thing in the instructions as well.

I feel like this should be straight forward, but I’m a noob at this kinda stuff and some of the wording isn’t matching up in my head. Can anyone help me understand which wires I connect based on the picture I have attached. This is the “wiring diagram” from the cable assembly I got.

I’m guessing that 6(+) & 5(-) go to the DIV Input in the box? I think these matter which wires I connect to? Red should be 5(-) and Black should be 6(+)? The DIV Output goes to the CFP electric box. While 3 & 4 of my wires goes to the plug for the On/Off of the Torch on the CFP electric box. I don’t think it matters which is which for these ones? If anyone can set me straight I’d appreciate it. I don’t want to mess this stuff up. Spent way too much money at this point to ruin it with putting the wrong wires somewhere.

Yes - if it’s 50:1 divided voltage (which is pretty standard) then these go into the DIV input. Be sure to read instructions - there’s 2 inputs - pre-divided and raw input. You want the divided input.


12 & 14 are not used on the LS table, but may be supported in the future (hopefully)…

wow! thanks for the quick response. This community is awesome. I’m excited to get this machine running.

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It all worked, I wanted to upload a video of it cutting but the forum doesn’t support it. Anyway, everything went together as described and I got my first cuts last night. Need to dial in my settings on the plasma cutter a little more, but I couldn’t be happier with it so far.