Cut60 hooked up to xr

So I have a brand new xr I have been trying to get going with a primeweld cut 60 with the cnc port. I bought a cable that was supposed to be plug and play and there was no direction on it and the table is telling me my resting thc voltage is higher then expected. Does anyone have a diagram of how it should be hooked up or anyone used this set up on the xr

The XR is no different than any other Langmuir table, in terms of connecting the plasma cutter.

I’d be interested in where you got this plug and play cable, because I’ve never seen one.

There are lots of threads on here with pictures of where to solder the wires to the pins in the CNC connector for the torch on/off and divided voltage.

The torch on/off cable goes to the torch on/off port on the electronics enclosure.

The divided voltage cable goes to the DIV input on the small plastic VIM box. Then a cable goes from the DIV output on that box to the THC port on the electronics enclosure.


I am also curious where you are getting the cable. I didn’t see it on the Langmuir or PrimeWeld website?

I bought a prebuilt plug off eBay. My issue was that it had the push in style end on it for the cross fire computer. The computer I have on my xr took the thread in style. I cut the end off and spliced it into the wire that has the two white pigtails. Got it cutting today. Now I have a zero resting voltage.

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