Cut45 wiring diagram vs THC wiring diagram

The THC manual shows torch on/off on the left and paper that came with Cut45 cables shows it on the right. Both of the Cut45 jacks are 2 pin as are the cables. Does anyone know which is right? I sent in 2 support tickets and never got an automatic reply that it had been received. Any help is greatly appreciated…

The THC documentations shows pictures for 2 versions. Your screen shows version 1, the piece of paper shows version 2. Both are mentioned and pictured in the THC documentation.

Thanks, LS sent me a link. I don’t know how I blew past that page…

So which way was right?

Mine was opposite what the outdated instructions i had downloaded when I placed the order.

This is what mine looks like and I don’t know where to hook up for the THC wiring.

The cutters from Langmuir have two connections on the front.

Not mine. I got it from langmuire and only has the 1

This is the way they started out with a 4 pin connector and a 2 pin. Mine has two 2 pin connectors that I think were swapped opposite what this picture shows. Us your table a Pro or regular Crossfire?

I have the regular table qith the extension. If I can get a pic to where the THC wires go to that would be awsome. I have looked and just cant find where to put them

Take the cover off. The THC positive wire (red) will hook to the work/ground cable were it connects inside the plasma cutter. The negative wire (black) will hook to the torch main power (the brass connector in the middle of the torch euro connector.

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