Cut45 torch machine end pins

Hey everyone. I’m selling my OG Crossfire XL with the Cut45. I was having issues when I first upgraded to the THC. A guy on here helped me to get everything working together and the thing he had me do was to remove 2 of the pins on the machine end of the torch lead. Since I’m selling the machine with the cutter and machine torch, I need to get the hand torch working properly again. Since I can’t remember where they should go, can someone look and tell me what numbers the pins are located on the machine end? This would help me out big time! Thanks in advance!

I don’t know if you found out the pin numbers yet, but they are #1 & #9 are pilot arc and #3 & #6 are trigger.

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Thank you! It took some digging, and I did find a picture, but I’m not sure if it’s right! I’ll try your info! Thanks again!

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Can you post that picture @hilsmat1 ?