Cut45 releasing air before firing?

My cut45 randomly started doing something intermittently odd. The z axis will lower the torch, it’ll make contact with the work piece and sometimes, release a bit of air before the torch fires.

For the record, the job I am cutting has several holes in this piece. I noticed that on some of them, since the torch fired a bit late, the holes are not completely cut out.

Also worth noting, the program was used to cut the same job a few times, this is a new issue. I’m just not sure where to start my search for a solution.

Laslty, I tried messing with the pierce delay, but that didnt to anything. I am thinking possibly its the cut45 with the issue?

what pierce delay is it set to originally?

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Just double checked, .7 sec

In what condition are the consumables

Fairly new. About a week. I put them in on the beginning of this job. Less than 200 pierces so far. Also the consumables I use are Hypertherm Powermax 45

Hmmm. Odd that it would give me an issue after 3 years of using the same type of consumable no?

Im going to pull them out and take a look.

Also odd that im not getting any misfire type errors from firecontrol.


If you are using and have been using original Hypertherm consumables it could be the swirl ring need to be replaced. If your using aftermarket consumables it could also be the swirl ring or the electrode sticking in the swirl ring.

You may also want to remove all the consumable and look at the plunger to see if it has pitting or burnt marks, this will also cause these symptoms.

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Thanks, thats good info, going to tear everything down tomorrow, lets see what we find