Cut45 Power Issue

Hi All,

Having an issue that I’ve never seen before with my Cut45. The cutter seems to be having a prolem staying on, almost like an overheating issue. In the middle of a cut the torch will just shut off and the fan stops running, almost like the machine has turned off. If I let it sit for a minute, I can hear the relay clicking back on and the fan will start running, but then stop again after a couple seconds. It will cycle like that a few times and then sometimes it will kick on and stay on, like it normally does. At that point I’ll be able to cut for a little bit, but then it will stop and have the issue all over again.

Has anyone experienced anything like this or now of any possible troubleshooting that can be done, short of sending it in?

Is electrical plugged in good at receptacle?

Yes, I’ve power tested the recepticle and it works fine with other machines

Which brand of cut 45?

Typically on most pieces of equipment if it goes into an overheating situation the fan will be forced on and run.

Does the torch and fan shut off at the exact same time?

Does the display or indicator lights also power down? If your unit is one with the display.

If we can narrow down what brand and find a wiring schematic that will help out quite a bit.

And your breaker is never kicked on that circuit?

The torch will fire maybe once or twice but not be able to hold an arc and if I keep trying it the torch will shut oof and the fan will go with it.

It is a razorweld cut45, here are some pics for identification:

this is just a shot in the dark, but it sounds like a weak relay or bad connection but it could be truly getting hot as well. if the machine is out of warranty the very first thing i would do is if you are comfortable with the process i would unplug the machine, open it and blow it out thoroughly with compressed air. while doing so i would just check to make certain all the spade connections looked and or felt like they were making good connection. look closely for any signs of arcing or melted looking wires from poor electrical connectivity. what is your shop temperature when this is happening? if it continues then hopefully @TinWhisperer has some luck finding a schematic. I am not familiar with the cut45 specifically but all these inverter style plasma cutters are pretty similar so even if a schematic can not be found it can still probably be trouble shot if you are comfortable doing that. Since this is a torch blessed by Langmuire hopefully they might have some good input as well.

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@mechanic416 might be able to add something as well.

Sounds like something is going bad on the input side of the board.

If its less then 3 years old its still under warranty. If you got it with your table or from Langmuir you need to contact them. If you have the bill of sale or can show when you bought it call Razorweld.


Sorry for the slow reply, was away from the shop for the weekend. I opened it up on friday and blew it out with air and took apart the filter and cleaned that to the best of my ability. As far as I could tell, everything looked to be in good shape. We disconnected the relay and tried reinstalling that as well, but didn’t seem to help.

Would an issue like this usually be visible on the board? When I opened it up everything looked fairly pristine.

No, most likely you will not see it unless it burnt.

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