Cut ready files

i have been using fireshare for a few awesome projects, but I have not been able to figure out how to load cut ready files, what am I missing?

The files usually download as a zip file with several files inside. You have to "extract " the files and one of them will be a .tap file. That is the “cut ready” file that can be loaded into Firecontrol.

Be advised that there are 3 different types of “cut ready” files and they may or may not work on your machine.

  1. Mach 3 files

  2. Firecontrol with no Z axis files

3 Firecontrol with IHS/THC files

thanks I’ll give it a try

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It’s been a few months since I posted this question but I have not had time to try it. One mor question, how do I load it into firecontrol?

The same way you load any other cut file into Firecontrol. Hit the up arrow to load a program and then navigate to the folder where the downloaded cut file is located. Select the file and hit ok.

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