Cut not finishing

New to this. trying to cut a gusset with crossfire pro will cut all the way except about 3/8 of an inch from where it started to cut. I am using fusion 360 and post processing with the same can anyone maybe tell me what I am doing wrong

Probably pierce delay and it’s not cutting the very beginning.

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I am using a hypertherm 45 xp with .8 second delay

How thick is the material?

1/8 th hot rolled

increase it to 1 sec and try it again.

ok I will try that Thanks

That worked perfectly Thanks I really appreciated the help

whatever book setting says for pierce delay, add the extra time to it in order for it to cut al the way. the relay in the control box has a slight delay so the extra time is needed. and that pretty much is for all cutters used on the Pro and gen2 tables.

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again thanks to everyone that helped really appreciate it

That’s higher than what I’m running, but I also have a .125 lead in.