Cut Measurements Don't Match File

I built the file in Fusion360 but when I cut the piece out of Aluminum the measurements don’t match. It shrunk by .02 - .04"
Please see attached drawings. numbers in red are actual cut measurements, black is from Fusion360.
Anyone have thoughts how to correct? I have a Crossfire which never did this. Not sure why the pro is.

If you have the gcode from the original crossfire you can compare. The G1 X and Y moves should be the same values. Did you use the same kerf width setting? Attach both gcode files to your post.

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Were you selecting ‘in computer’ when running your OG CrossFire? The PRO will not run a program that has ‘in control’ comp selected. The difference being that ‘in control’ cuts on the line in Mach3 despite whatever kerf width is input. I’ve seen a few people going from the OG to the PRO experience this.

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In fusion 360 I select “in computer”

I am using Fusion360 and firecontrol with the crossfire pro

This issue has not improved. Can you assist on what settings I should check and adjust.

Fusion 360
Crossfire Pro
Razordweld 45 with hypertherm style machine torch