Cut issues first cut

Cut issues on my programs .missing cuts see picture ,i can run a fireshare ,cut ready program no issues cuts perfect ,on my own files it acts like
it misses the first line of every cut abrox 1/2 inch have atemped several changes in sheat cam still have issue ,

Have had thc of and on manualy when program is running changed pierce delay ,and change cut speed same issue inreay think its a program issue just dont know what to look for or change any help would be appreciated

Upload the cut file, so we can look at it. You could also post screenshots of your Sheetcam tool and Jet Cutting operation screens.

when looking for help it is best to provide as much information as possible…
pierce delay
plunge rate
metal gauge

I doubt it is a program issue…
top dross in the picture is often a sign of the following

  • worn consumable…to high of amps for the tip on the torch
  • torch it to high off the table
  • speed of the cut is to fast

to check the torch height do a 6" cut and pause the cut partway alomng.
use feeler gauges to measure both your kerf width and the actual torch height…
if your torch height is to high you need to adjust the setting in your CAM software- just because you set 0.06 as torch height does not make it that…I have my torch setting at 0.042 to get 0.06 cut height


mtshape_2015_-_2_SS.dxf (85.0 KB)
Pictures of sheat cam and fill ,i have chanced tips ,up graded to hd torch head ,using xr pro. With a everlast82i, have use some fire share programs with no cut issues ,at all i have shut of thc ,this has happened on almost all self designed programs ,the pass sheat cam tests

Is this Montana? If so you can have my dxf for it.

Montana_Outline.dxf (18.3 KB)

Your DXF has some issues and you can see it has breaks. Sure looks like Montana to me

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Yes mt file ,as a guestion i have cut out several singles and its like evey other one has the same start cut issue ,like in the picture first on cut out perfect the rest have the same missing line , so i re changed the start cut position ended up with the first star missing aprox 1/2 inc and have had same issue with different files

Add a circle in corner of my DXF and try it…You’ll have to resize it of course

Let me know if you need any other states to save you any issues.

Should have mentioned the top dross was me running the same cut path 3 times to atempt to recover the parts ,i was manualt adjusting thc and ,speed air psi and voltage

Both of the tools pictured have pierce delays that are way too short. A zero second pierce delay is never going to work on a Crossfire table. The lowest I’ve been able to do on 14ga is .3 seconds. The lowest recommended by Langmuir is .5 seconds.

That 3/4" tool with the .2 second delay will need an edge start to work. It also looks like you have an almost 4" long lead in on that tool.

Also: Why do you have so many operations for such a simple drawing? This can be done in a single operation by selecting “outside offset” in your Jet Cutting operation.


sorry about that , several adepts have been made . most of the cuts i do on 14 gage 115 cut rate pierce .9 have changed a simple program 4 times diff pierce and speed . i was under the under standing sheet cam .0 would be .5 to Langmuir no mater what ,i have been up and down with settings , also to note bigger the program the bigger the space , first cut goes great as in the picture , other attempts air psi 65 to 72 psi , tip changes . grounds changed ,cleaned and reset thc , changed amps 38 to 45 still have issue

thanks will play with your file tomorrow strand I’m using pro cad and did not see any missing lines (orig it was a esty file any issue with there files ?

It’s hard to make sense of any of that.

Sheetcam pierce delay of zero is not equal to .5 in Firecontrol. Langmuir recommends a minimum of .5 no matter what CAM program you use.

You only need one operation to cut that file. You have 4 operations showing on the screen. If some of them were failed attempts, delete them.

I loaded your file into Sheetcam and it looks like it should cut fine. The circle is not really round, but it will cut. What size is it supposed to be? It’s quite large when I import it as metric and way bigger than the table if I import it as inches


1/8 inch hole i will switch back to 115 and .9 pierce and yes orig file is big had to switched sheet cam to 1x1 not 1x 24 down load do you want orig file ? i do have a massive amount of miss cuts all the same , but when i switched to doing 1 bye one (using scrap ) produced 150 of them i did let torch air cycle down moved torch up and down sever times always had a first cut great , second cut bad , have you tried to cut from my file ?

The first cut works fine, because Firecontrol makes the first pierce delay longer than the rest. I don’t know why it does that and it’s probably not intentional, but it does make the first delay longer.

What size is the whole part that you want? I will have to scale it to do some test cuts. I have no doubt that it will cut fine. I don’t see any broken lines in the Sheetcam import.

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Several plasma cutters people have used here have a requirement for a longer initial pierce delay followed by a standard shorter delay for subsequent cuts. As I recall, Langmuir added a half-second delay so those plasma users wouldn’t need to modify their G-Code by hand to insert an initial slower delay. It doesn’t really hurt the rest of us.

if you can send me first and second cuts in a repeat set . on my stuff fist cuts perfect 2 , 3 4 5 out and dont know why

what are you using for a cutter

I just cut these. 1 single one and 2 patterned in Firecontrol. They all cut fine.

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Why does the west side of Montana look like Richard Nixon’s silhouette?


If you move torch up/down set at or below 50 ipm, is there any catches or sound changes? Try lubricating the z screw if you haven’t lately.