Cut is angled on the x axis but good on y axis

I have a crossfire pro table with a miller spectrum 875 auto-line with a machine torch. I’m cutting 1/4" mild steel and my problem is the cut is really slanted on the x axis? The y axis is pretty good.
I bought the machine torch holder and have checked it for square and it’s right on. Cut speed is 20 I’m.
What else could be wrong?
Appreciate any help.

First thing you need to do is make sure the bearings are all adjusted to take all the movement out, front to back and side to side.

If your torch is perpendicular to the slat bed, then the only cause is a nicked nozzle orifice causing the jet of area to exit the nozzle at an angle. Very common.

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Ok so I did see a small nick in the tip so I changed out the tip and electrode and it was a lot better but I’m still getting a slant on the x axis. I will check the bearings also.