Cut geometry not correct (nothing is loose, motors stepping correctly)

Hey All,
so just got the crossfire, ordered the XL kit, water table, full version of Mach 3. Got it all put together. Patched in the program for Mach 3 and got everything going. leveled it up, ran my break in file. All good, so went on to learn Fusion 360 made a model loaded about 114 times but got it down now… problem is when it executes circles or rectangles, they come out like almonds and parallelograms. So, I hit the inter-webs and the forums, survey says… loose gizmo on the thingy ma jigger.(What I did next:) I got to the store and collect the recommended thread locking compound, verified that if my Allen wrenches where subjected and anymore force they would be subject to a catastrophic failure.Then inspected the lead screw nuts. I checked to make sure the gantry arm was parallel to the material surface, Checked to make sure that the gantry arm X was square to the Y, It was not so I corrected that.
when back to fusion ran up a circle rectangle program for testing purposes. switched the motors to the drivers and it repeated the problem 90* off. used a G code form a friend same problem. S.O.S

Are you using a machine torch or hand torch on your crossfire? Make sure the torch, whichever one, is square. Although this might not be the issue.

Go back and make sure the gantry is level. I remember I had to loosen the hex screws and make sure everything was level and then go back over the video and tighten everything down the way it says too.

It’s a tedious process but everything has to be level and square.

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When I first set my table up I didn’t realize that the motors had flat spots for the collars to lock onto so it didn’t really matter how tight I got them, they would slip until I set them on the flat spot of the shaft, no problem since then.

Good luck

So here I am extremely frustrated hoping that I’ll get something from the forums, Gunny0628 tells me to go back through the set up process, what the heck lets do it. DWalls says could be that I didn’t get it on the flat part of the motor shaft… Ok let’s check that out, and Bang! there it is bright as day, clearer that water. that dang ol gizmo on the thing a ma whats it is loose on the X motor shaft. how could that be? I checked that like crazy, wasn’t until I went jerking and twisting around on it that I found the problem. The set screw is in a bind (Not cross threaded) to the point it feels like it’s bottomed out and won’t move, however, the flat part of the motor shaft DWalls was taking about didn’t even know it was there.
Thanks a lot fellas, much appreciated. looks like I have some threads to chase, I’ll get back to ya and let you know how it turns out. Thanks Again!


There’s only one way that I knew about that, haha I have been where you are. If that is the only frustration that you get out of this then you will be miles ahead of me.

Glad we could help, there is allot of knowledgeable people on this forum and will help you with what you need.

Safe cutting and have fun.

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got it tapped out like it otta be, I just ran a drill bit down the shaft perpendicular to the threaded hole and got rid of the burr. chased it out with a screw of like thread pattern. Dialed it back in. Ran my test program, and she runs just fine. I guess the family isn’t going to get metal walnuts for Christmas after all. Ha!

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And if they want them then you know which screw to loosen. HaHa