Cut file of a Raccoon

Anyone got a file dwg or svg of a raccoon? I want to make one because of my new baby.

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Have you had a Vet check out your baby? Raccoon scat can be very dangerous to dogs.

Yeah she’s had all her shots, licenses, permits, training, and all the other money grabs. She’s not around any dogs and is litter box trained. The potbelly pig is ok with her since she quit trying to nurse…

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I’ll make you a couple later if someone don’t before I get back home.

Don’t go to any trouble I figured I’d check and see if anyone had one to save a few steps.

Ok…it’ll only take me few minutes so just let me know if you still need later

Ok thanks!

Here is 2 different ones. You can spend a little time on clean up if you want. GL and post pics if you cut.

Raccoon1.dxf (938.5 KB)

Raccoon2_.dxf (794.8 KB)


I appreciate it!