Cut chart for Hypertherm Powermax30 XP

I have a question for those of you using the Hypertherm 30XP with the Crossfire Pro. What cutting charts are you using? I realize the manual comes with a guide for cut speed and material thickness. What are you using to help you figure out height, plunge rate, pierce delay which isn’t included? Thanks for your help.

I’ve got the 45 and use their charts. They’re pretty spot on except (& I think this applies to all of the HT XP models) you’ll want to add about a half second to the pierce delay. The HT measures the delay from when the arc is initiated. Langmuir measures it from when the command is sent - it takes a bit of time for the relay to trigger.

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Yeah, book specs. Plunge rate is 60 ipm.

Pierce height and cut height are included in their specs, at least my 45xp it is.