Cut alignment is off

I have a part that I’m cutting and the center section always comes out off. I have tried:

• rebuilding the center (In Illustrator, and SheetCam)
• Rotating the cut part
• Placing the ground in a different location
• Cutting on a different portion of the table
• Oiling and tightening everything

But the same issue keeps coming up.

Any help would be great, thanks in advanced.

I’m fusion guy myself but what i do for these kinds of parts is use flat picture. Import picture as a canvas and use single measurement to scale it.

@kitter welcome to the forum…
so here is some information that might help…

  • is the rest of the part you are cutting coming out perfect?..’
  • is this your first time cutting…or have you had many successful cuts before?
  • you are showing us a finished cleaned and painted part…it often helps when we see a part with poor cuts right off the table as color and dross can help us diagnose the issue.
  • what are your cut settings?..speed, cut height (actual) ,tip size, material thickness, amps

next…how sure are you that the couplers are not slipping?..long slow cuts do not often show loose coupler slip…but quick cuts like that will slip…


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Really sounds like a design issue to me. Could be tolerance or round edges type of thing in creating cut path. I don’t know sheetcam so not sure where to suggest looking at these types of things in settings.

You need to go back to cad design and get rid of overlapping and broken lines, then bring back into sheet Cam, pic can see the nodes its all-in white. with overlapping or double lines fire control will try to cut twice. You getting a warning in sheet Cam of duplicate lines?