Cut 60 Consistent Edge Bevel

So, I’m starting to get frustrated chasing a constant and consistent bevel that I’m getting on all of my cuts on all sides. I have made sure that the torch is definitely perpendicular to the material and my air should be clean and dry. The following is for 3/16" mild steel. I understand that this plasma cutter is no longer “supported” but I know other people are running them and I’m wondering if this is the cut quality that I should expect or if I have an issue somewhere. Thanks In advance!

Program setup:

  • 63 and 60 ipm were tried
  • I lowered the cut height from .060" to .055" and raised the air pressure to 65 psi and it helped but didn’t solve it.
  • Kerf width is .045"
  • Nozzle clearance diameter is .16"
  • Head clearance is .04

Here is my setup:

  • Crossfire pro (With THC)
  • Prime Weld Cut 60 with machine torch and included (new) consumables
  • new 5 micron desiccant filter/ regulator
  • 50-75 ft 3/8 air line 150 psi from comp. regulated with internal regulator

Set air psi to 70-75 should eliminate bevel, slow ipm down to 58.

Here are the settings that work for me:
Bump your air pressure up to 75 and forget about it (it drops some when air is flowing)
63 IPM
Pierce: 0.1181
Cut height: 0.06
Delay 0.00
Pause at end of cut 500ms
Lead-in Normal, Arc
Lead-out Normal Arc
Kerf 0.06

Thank you! What are your settings for 1/4"?

Same as 3/16" except I bump the current up to 50A