Cut 60 Air Solenoid Stuck (Resolved by Warranty Claim)

I have a PrimeWeld Cut 60 On the pro table. Every thing has been working great lately until the other day. When my cut is finished the post flow keeps clicking on for 20 seconds then off, then back on for 20 seconds. It will do this pretty much until I cut the power. I only have about an hour of plasma on time so it would seem weird if something was worn out already.

If it does this when hand cutting, not attached to Firecontrol, I’d call Primeweld for advice.
Otherwise, try a different set of code and make sure it’s not code/software related.

I have the same PW60 unit paired with my Pro, and my cutter had quite a few hrs before I bought the table. Never experienced this problem.


does it do that if not connected to the table and just pressing the trigger?

if so, then just call primeweld for a warranty exchange. they are pretty good at sending out a new one same day.

Did you get this solved?

I called primeweld and they had me send it back. They were able to repeat the problem, so they just sent me a brand new cut 60.