Customer Service Second to None (Primeweld)

Bought my PrimeWeld CUT60 in July 2020, It’s worked flawlessly until today when the Air Pressure Regulator blew out. I called PrimeWeld, a real person answered (Gene) and they’re taking care of me with a new replacement being shipped out at no charge.
Wow, unbelievable customer support, I certainly made the right decision buying PrimeWeld. :star_struck:


It’s being shipped out in the personal luggage of someone from the home office who decided you absolutely needed hands on care. Oh, and he gets a trip to the islands to do it? Sucks to have to be the one to take care of customers. :grin:


Mine is older than yours and never had any hardware problems. But I’ve called them for advice on settings/cutting issues and same feedback: they aim to please.

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