CT is here for racing!

Getting ready to order a CrossFire with the XL kit … looking forward to getting to know y’all


Welcome! Got my XL a year ago and have been super happy with it. Lots of good info and help on this forum for sure. Langmuir has also been really responsive when I asked questions.

It was a big learning curve for me (and I’m still learning) even though I’m computer and metal shop savvy but it’s totally been a :+1: for my tiny shop. If you’re not comfortable with computers it will definitely be a tougher journey.

I took my time and started small (simple shapes and lots of scrap tests) to get the workflow straight in my head and I think that really helped keep my frustration level down.



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Thank you Bob,

I’m going to be ordering the original Crossfire 2’ x 2’ with the XL expansion kit. In the meantime I downloaded Fusion 360, and I’m becoming familiar with that.

Like most, we have a small shop also; are they ever big enough? LOL

Thank you for responding,


Best advice I’ve heard in a LONG time… Couldn’t agree more… Baby steps!!

Always looking for good advice …

Yeah as much as I’d like to go larger, that just ain’t gonna happen Jeff :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I really like Fusion 360 for doing dimensional stuff (parts, brackets etc) and I use Inkscape and Affinity Designer for arty stuff although some folks use F360 for everything.

I also put out the $$ for Sheetcam to do my post processing after a while of struggling with F360 for that. The CAM portion of Fusion and I did just not get along. Nothing personal :smiley: Maybe I just needed to spend more time with it, but I just found Sheetcam a better fit for me.

If you have any questions feel free to DM me. More than happy to help if I can and if I can’t I’ll definitely tell you that too.

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Thank you Bob, I definitely will!

hey Jeff, I’m in Danbury. mobile welding and heavy machine repair.

Hey there Richard,

Thank you for reaching out to me … I just wanted to take a minute before I jet out the door to respond to you … 860-912-0540 is my cell … I’ll be talking to you in the future.

Peace, Jeff Eilenberger

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hey @JeffEilenberger sorry. been busy at work. did you order and receive machine yet?
let me know. Rich 203-685-1575 is my cell number. i ordered the PRO on 2/23. made my first payment on a machine I don’t have yet. :grinning:

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Hello Jeff, welcome to our world.
I am in East Hartford, I mainly make race car parts and target systems for my gun range with my CF.
Hit me up anytime if you need something.


Cool range targets. Self-resetting?

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Oh ya, I am lazy, not walking out there.
How you been bud?

@ctgolfer that looks like fun times.

:smiley: I was finally able to get more 9mm chow so I can get back to my range. It was crazy last year trying to get anything but it seems to have gotten better.




Hey Jim, thank you for reaching out to me. I haven’t ordered the CF yet, but I am interested in hearing about what parts you are making for race cars. We run two SK Lites; one for Thompson and and the other for Waterford , making parts was the motivation to getting a CNC table.

We run SK Lites at Waterford, Thompson and Stafford, 3 Lites and 1 Modified this year.
Some parts I can talk about, some I will not.
You will find the Crossfire very useful for experiments and certain parts that get bent often.
Other then that, once a new car is built there is not that much to make with it. Custom spanner wrenches and fuel cell tools are fun to design/ make.
It is all fun.

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hey @JeffEilenberger and @ctgolfer my shop is right next to EFI Logics in Bethel.
they work on a lot of Subaru’s a few Mustangs, Audis, one or two Porsches. that dyno gets annoying sometimes lol

Thanks Jim, good info … see you at the IceBreaker

Hey there Richard,
I’d like to take a ride down for a visit sometime if that would be okay with you; Just want to buy you lunch, pick your brain and see the CF operate live and in person … Have a great rest of the day!!

Peace, Jeff Eilenberger