Crossfire xr y axis limit switches

Trying to set the y axis limit switches? My adjustment screws are missing the switch lever by a bout 1/8 inch? Any suggestions?

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Your bolt is in backwards. Have the head of the bolt be the point of contact for the switch and see if that helps it line up.

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And I think the nut goes on on the inside to lock it in.

Jumping on this thread as I’m having alignment issues as well.

If you can take a couple of measurements I will go out to my table and see how similar/different they are. Here is a photo of mine:

Bottom of gantry to bottom of limit switch threaded hole: 6-1/16”

Bottom of the machined piece that holds the stop to center of the bolt is 2-7/8”


Yours look like they match mine, as best as I could measure. I didnt have enough hands to hold everything and snap picture so left out the square.

I wonder if your microswitch is different?

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@ben1272 You rule dude. Thank you so much. I think I’m just going to tig a stainless washer on the head of the bolt.