CrossFire XR Training Classes

Is it me, or does it not seem like Langmuir should offer a training class for their tables at this point in time. I know Lincoln does, but their tables start at 24K. I own a small fab & machine shop in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and would really like a more hands on type assistance in getting our table up and running. All the videos are great, but.

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While it would be nice then reality sets in that anything extra will just increase the price and before you know it they will have all the fancy bells and whistles along with price point to reflect these extras. Then they will no longer be an affordable table for small users and hobbyists.


What part would like training in? Software(Fire Control)? Assembly? Cutting parts? or CAD/CAM software?
What kind of training would you want? Hands on where you would drive some where? or some type of live stream video?