CrossFire XR Misfire

^ Getting this misfire error after starting the cut. It is a simple rectangle with a small circle cut out near each corner.

It is our first cut. And this is my first time using Langmuir Systems.

I use solidworks and understand CAM, but do not have a lot of experience with various cut paths, and specific nomenclature.

Welcome to the forum! I moved your post to the CrossFire XR category as you’ll get more focused attention. AND you should be aware, as an XR buyer, you have a direct service access number with Langmuir. Look under MainSite->Help->Support->CrossFire XR


Thank you Tom, appreciate the help and active site.

What are your settings and material you are cutting? Have you tried cutting without thc on?

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I recommend giving our XR support engineer, Cameron, a call. His number is (936) 235-3991


Thank you both for your responses. I will communicate with team and get these answers.

My coworker found this pdf about the y Razorcut 45 Plasma Cutter misfire issue.

I contacted support using email at the bottom of the page.

They responded very fast, first asking the year of asset (3-12-21) and then stating -

"This machine will not need an upgrade.

If the software is showing you have a misfire then it’s most likely a software issue and contact Langmuir. Most likely it will be a THC Cable or the module box.

Make sure you are running the machine on a direct 220-wall plug and no extension cords. The PSI on the machine with the trigger pulled or firing should be reading 75psi on the gauge."