Crossfire XR Homing/ Break in steps

New to all this plasma stuff, followed all the directions to the best of my knowledge. My question when homing/break in the table where should I start it from spent most of the day getting a error message of the torch being clearly of the table and not allowing it to move freely, unless I removed the limit switch defaults and manually putting it back on the table(on the screen). Just trying to get it Homed and past the break in to get to a first cut one day.

Not sure exactly what you mean with that description… I just finished building my XR and home switches are all good. I’d start with a double check that you ran plugs to the proper port on controller box.

Make sure that you are clicking the set all axis zero button before anything else.

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They were all correct I just wasn’t zeroing out, it would just show the torch head completely off the table . So I deactivate the limit switches inorder to jog the torch back but didnt zero it and it kept doing over and over before i checked to see if there was any update to the firecontrol. then I updated the fire control to 21.1.4, then homing was successful and the break in was also good after that. This is my first evertime building a table let alone operating one. One day at time. I’m now onto figuring the steps to download a dxf file from fireshare to then sheetcam then to Mach3 to learn how to cut. I like to figure things out. Not sure if I should go with fushion 360 or something slightly easier for a beginner. I main build offroad truck products and am currently trying to get contracts for my services.

Get for fast easy 2d cad. ($39). Dxf out of that to sheetcam. I have fusion 360 too. Unless you’re fabbing a 3d part export, delta cad is much faster to draw accurate 2D parts.

There is no need to take anything to Mach3, since the machine runs on Firecontrol.

Cutting just fine now

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Good stuff. Stuck with it and there ya go!

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