CrossFire XR for sale in SoCal

Looking to make some room in the shop. It’s been a great machine and has everything is in perfect working order. I can deliver in the SoCal area easily. Need to get a smaller unit as I am not doing full sheets as I had expected,

THC, Computer/Touchscreen, Pendant Controler, Razorweld 45amp plasma, Upgraded drains with DimpleDies and stainless sink drains into a 65 gallon tank, sump pump runs it back into the table. It’s a runner and ready to go,

Reach out via PM if interested. Letting it go for less them I bought it for.

20 gal tank on a XR? how’s that work when the water table holds 65 gallons?

Thanks for catching the type o


Hey! Just wondering if you’re still selling your crossfire XR? I’m located in Anaheim