CrossFire XR, Everlast 50S and compressor

Hi All,
I plan to order an XR in the next week.
I already have an Everlast Power Plasma 50S
My compressor is not industrial, 30gal, 1/2P, 6-7CFM

Already looking for a bigger 60gal higher capacity compressor. would appreciate suggestions on how big I should go !

But, my question is,
Should I be fine using my existing Everlast 50S for light-medium duty with this unit/controller ?
It has never caused me a single issue before/yet so reluctant to switch, it has CNC controller connection and here in forums I see others have used it successfully.

Anyway, any thoughts on combo of XR + 50S + compressor size very much appreciated.
I would like to do it as “right” as I can first go-around.


Welcome to the forums and a potential congrats on a XR purchase.

Does your 50s have a machine torch? with the XR I believe you require one .

If you doing light duty work in both material and length of run time you maybe ok.

it does. ideally you would use a raw voltage source for the THC measure. the internal voltage divider on the S series Everlast is not a reliable source for the measure.

If your set on Everlast Maybe consider a 82i CNC package.

For a compressor I would run something between 10-20 scfm so it is not run long and hot all the time. Running a compressor to its limit will produced hotter air. Hotter air need more aftercooling to reduce moisture.

for the 50s your current compressor will run it according to the specs but for both machine they will be running at their upper limits. So heat and duty cycle issues.

What are your cutting goals with the XR?

I am not set on Everlast, I just already have the 50S so was curious if it was sufficient. I do not plan on lengthy production runs. My primary reason for considering the XR is table/material size.

I will not typically or often cut over 1/4" thick material - or at least ti would be very limited in qty/duration/hrs.
Those would be one-off cuts of a part or two.

Primarily it would be larger gang cutting of 3/16" and less, most often 1/4" and under. parts might be up to 60" long (e.g. 60" x 2-6" )

As TinWhisperer’s post shows, the compressor/generator combo should technically work. I’d imagine the compressor would be bumping up against it’s duty cycle for cuts that are using the work envelope provided by the XR. Dry air is going to be the larger issue I’d think. Would recommend an after-cooler between your pump and tank. The air coming out of your pump is very hot and will hold a lot of water. That’s why you have to purge the tank from time to time (air cools and that water condenses). When the pump is running continuously, you are pushing that hot, saturated air into your plasma system. No bueno. The idea of an aftercooler is to take out that heat and then use a water separator to remove water before that air hits your tank. This will remove most of the water from the air and let you use a desiccant dryer or refrigerant dryer more effectively. Here is a link to my after-cooler project: Dry Shop Air - Step 1 (Compressor After-Cooler) | The Hobby-Machinist

Thanks for the info. It looks like you were adding Milton Industries filters and regulator to the setup - (from the pics it looked like PNs 1111, 1037 and 1020 for 1/2") - did you stick with those ? and did you add any other water separation components to the mix ?

Yes - did the Milton components (they sell this as a kit). No other water separation components. Pretty dry here in Arizona and I do have climate control in the garage so there is that first stage of dry before we intake to the compressor. Hoping I don’t need a refrigerant dryer…the desiccant will get you a lower dew point vs a refrigerant. We’ll see how it goes.

Hey thanks for the input!
How beneficial do you think going to a 2-stage compressor would be ? a little less heat ?
Seems like there are plenty of reasonably priced 2-stage, 60gal, 240v 5hp models around 14-15scfm ?
(although they have that similar “we-were-all-made-in-the-same-factory” look)

The real benefit of a two-stage compressor comes in when you want to be operating at higher PSIs for most of the time.

But I can see it being cooler there’s more surface area to reject heat to.

There no there’s no reason you couldn’t get away with a single stage compressor too.

I preferred to keep my time ON when it’s pumping up to a minimum, find that keeps it the coolest.

My compressor has the same look lol.

I’ll see if I can find the model number of what I’m using, it’s way overkill.

I just put it in a couple months ago. I replaced that black 60 gallon 5 hpyou can see in the background which was made out of a bunch of random compressor parts on a new tank.
The five horsepower was still operational but it was a little bit clapped out needed a rebuild.
This six and a half horse 60 gallon I have now is overkill but nice. the airline I have in the shop also services a bunch of other stuff besides the plasma.