Crossfire XR cutting voltage lost

I’ve been messing around with my XR the last few days and am cutting 3/16 gussets right now with hypertherm 45xp. I have cut several of these gussets with no problem, now half way through the cut it stops and says THC cutting voltage lost. Consumables are like new, have good air pressure and ground clamp is on the material. Sometimes it will cut the same file completely through and sometimes it will not. Just wondering what steps to take?

It seems to do the same thing no matter the file. Plate is slightly warped in some places but head is not making contact or pulling far away

Could water vapor in your airstream be extinguishing the arc?

by any chance are you pushing the duty cycle?

Currently only have a water separator, but the air seems pretty dry. No swirls on the consumables either. Every time it stops it is at the same place in the cut

Could you post your G-Code file?

No alarms or alerts in fire control?

No alarms or alerts on your hypertherm?

This is a good bit of information.

After 6 in of cutting or 12 in. How much cutting does it do when it stops in the same place?

This is inadequate. There’s several topics here on water separation.

What about air supply is there any way you are starving for air?