CrossFire XR cutting issues (solved)

I’ve been cutting these out and it was doing fine, then it just wouldnt cut through the material at all. I changed the tip and the electrode, and nothing changed. Ground and air pressure were good. I havent changed the swirl ring and the welding supply is closed today, i will get one tomorrow.

What plasma are you running?

Did you change any setting?

Razor weld 45

No settings in the machine or the plasma cutter were changed.

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Could you have hit the duty cycle?

How long have you been cutting?

Where did your consumable come from?

I ran the machine again this morning after it had sat all night and it did the same thing on the first cut. I ran it for about 2 hours the previous day until i started having this problem. But the machine only ran about 50% percent of the time because i was moving and cleaning parts.

Im running hypertherm consumables. Have been for the last few weeks and never had problems until now.

How thick is your material have you tried slowing down?

What amps you running?

How is your air? Moisture can wreck consumable very very fast.

If you are doing long runs air is hotter more moisture.

14 gauge material

45 amps

I tested the air as soon as it happened and it seemed ok. There was no water settled at the bottom of the tank, and there was no water in the separater and filters that i have.

I did 80 of these pieces before for this happened. And then i put in the 81st piece and had this problem. I then changed the tip and electrode because those are the only consumables i had to change, and it still had this same problem. Could the swirl ring have anything to do with this? How do you know when those are bad?

I wouldn’t thinks the swirl ring would.

What speed and pierce delay are you using?

Is a filter and separator all you have on air? Moisture can still be there you can’t see it. The hotter the air thee more moisture it will hold.

The cut rate is 140 ipm and the pierce .2 seconds.

I can post a picture of the air filtration i have when i get back home. But we have been cutting things for a few months now and nothing has happened. We ran it on some 95 degree and up days and it did fine. What doesnt make sense is to me is that it worked just fine, and then all of a sudden it didnt cut through the material at all.

I even drained the tank and bled all the air lines and then tried it this morning with no change in the results.

I think you would get better results with at least a .5 delay. I would only change one thing at a time.

Do you ever get Any errors with that short of a delay?

I ran a rw45 for almost a year I usually got best cuts at 30 amp and around 90 Ipm. Running 45 amp you should run faster than 90 for sure.

I really think part of it is your pierce. I think I would try 125ipm.

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This was with the 125 ipm with the same .2 peirce delay

This one was with the suggested .5 peirce delay and 90 ipm

Certainly a improvement. May need a little tweaking on the settings.

Are you sure you don’t have air pressure or moisture issues.

So it kinda stops cutting at the end of your cut or is that the start?

This is the path of the profile. We have about 1/2 inch of over lap. Its hard to see the the lead in.

I checked the air on a mirror the way Cameron from Langmuir had suggested to me, and i didnt see any moisture. The air pressure has continued to be consistent.

This was done with 1.0 peirce delay, at 90 ipm at 45 amps. I tried it at 30 amps and it came out worse.

You need to reverse cut direction that’s not your only problem tho.

Well maybe not.

Your pierce Isnt happening at the start.

Something isnt right.

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Can you take your consumables apart and get some up close pictures?

What does air pressure show on the plasma while cutting?

Where do you have your work clamp attached?

In the first post he said clamp and air good so I figure it is on metal.

Cuts look to me like what I had before cleaning my air up.

A work clamp that is not direct to material you cut will not pierce material for 2-3 seconds after torch fires then the material you are cutting will arc to whatever surface your work clamp is attached and complete circuit.

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