Crossfire XR Constant Errors (solved)

I think I’m ready to sell this XR plasma table. Im constantly having the XR stop cutting randomly on files I have successfully cut before. The LED flashes Red/Orange (Same light when cutting is completed) but no error is given on Fire Control. Fire Control Freezes (running green icon stays flashing). Only way to unfreeze fire control and XR is to manually disconnect usb cord. Don’t know what to do? Any recommendation on how to troubleshoot?

Sound like electrical interference. Have you made any changes? Is this something that has always happened?


You know you have phone support with Langmuir on the XR table?


I feel your pain. I am not an electrician but I can tell you I have several machines router table, plasma, CNC and it can be frustrating but I have learned the hard way. If it were me I would check a few things like vibration on your limit switches. Possibly bypass a few of them to see if that is an issue. These are really cheap switches and can be tripped internally just by any frequency noise. As Phillipw stated I would also look at running an earth ground to your machine. This sounds crazy but plasma tables can do weird stuff. Just a few things to try and keep us posted I might learn something!

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@Phillipw @Rufus Finally back at the shop. Took into considerations electrical interference so I decided to unmount controller, computer, & screen to a seperate stand. Relocated plasma cutter further from unmounted components & ran a ground from plasma table. So far no issues except for one time that I lost connection to the THC. Thank you all for the help & tips, its greatly appreciated. Will update if issue restarts.