Crossfire XR Assembly

I recently picked up my crossfire XR at the end of may. Assembly was completed over a few hours after work every day for about a week. Everything went together as it should. With some attention to detail the machine comes together very well. Only problem was some missing felt washers which were picked up the next day with no issue at all thanks to Cameron with Langmuir.

I just wanted to get on here and express my positive experience throughout the buying and Assembly process.

In a world where customer service often falls short Langmuir Systems goes against the grain and provided a pleasant experience.

I look forward to the quality projects this machine produces

Thanks again


Hey thanks for sharing the kind words. The truth is that we work really hard on our end to provide the best possible experience. We understand that folks are buying these machines with hard earned money that’s taken months/years to save up. We try our best to ensure they get the best value possible and feel that their money was well spent.

I’ll be sure to pass the kind words onto the team/Cameron.