Crossfire XL + Z/THC install


Just installed a XL expansion as well as the Z axis & THC kit over the last few days. End result : everything works perfectly! Truly love the IHS and pierce height options.

A couple of things to mention that didn’t coincide with the documentation -

  1. The XL Y-axis lead screw was aprox 1/8" longer than it should have been. Loosening the tail bearing and allowing it to extend resolved the problem.

  2. The Z-axis coupler the the stepper motor was not tighened to either the stepper motor shaft or the Z-axis lead screw. Made for some funny faces when attempting to jog Z.

  3. Windows 8 and Firecontrol drivers… None of the provided solutions worked regarding the un-signed drivers. Some Interweb searches did eventually provide the solution to reboot in advanced mode and disable driver signing.

Otherwise, fantastic work!



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I just installed my expansion kit and the rod is too long like a 1/2" does this need cut to fit