Crossfire XL Pro Mini Project

Langmuir didn’t want to sell me parts for a right side gantry and second Y axis so I picked up a used crossfire. I’m going to mod the two together with the new THC kit to make myself a Crossfire XL Pro Mini of sorts. The Crossfire XL is just better for me due to the size. If anyone has any experience with this sort of mod I’d love to hear.

not to worry…there will be lots of forum members stepping up with advice…sounds like a cool project…keep us all posted with progress and pictures

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Why do you think the second rail on the XL would be an improvement? The current Y rail supports the 25" X axis and the second Y rail will interfere with adding material larger than the X axis.

The second crossfire has a XL upgrade so I’m curious if I can swap the XL rails and legs to get the extra 2” clearance on each side.

Because my arm doesn’t seem to want to stay level. Also I can’t help but mod stuff “because”.

With IHS and THC it doesn’t need to. However, I understand your second point all too well. Good luck.

Does the THC work that good that I can disregard leveling? I wonder if the extra weight of the z drive assembly is going to affect it.

Now I’m re-evaluating if I should just clean up this 2nd crossfire and sell it.

It depends on how out of level it is. The limit would be the amount of available Z travel, which is probably at least 2 inches. Move your torch to max X and put an additional 3 lb weight at the end of your X arm, does it make the arm dip 2 inches??? I doubt it.

Without Z control, yes, the arm needs to be perfectly flat (much less than the cut height) over the entire table. With Z control the dZ/inch only needs to be below the response time of the THC.


Did you ever do anything here? Just curious if you did the mod and how it went.

It went thru a couple of revisions and eventually buying the pro two piece pan from Langmuir and it works great!