CrossFire XL - How do XL owners handle 10" of open air space

I am a newbee and just began assembly after receiving the CrossFire XL Expansion Kit finally. For some reason it looks like I was shipped a CrossFire CNC Plasma Table and water table. I thought there would be XL parts in the kit. As it stands when I assemble all the received parts the 10" of additional XL travel is over empty space. No slats, frame, no water table, no nothing. It’s open air space. Is this what is intended? Thanks in advance.

Show us a photo so we can better understand.

There is about 10" of Y distance from the tip of the torch to the far end of the Y Truck. On a standard 2x2 table that leaves about 10" of unusable table at maximum Y travel. On an XL table the torch can be moved 10" farther and therefore reach the full Y size of the table.

The photo on this page shows the difference:

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That’s the reason my XL kit is sitting unopened in a corner. Langmuir doesn’t appear to understand that when the Y travel is increased by 10" the water pan size must increase 10". You might get away with letting your material hang over each Y edge 5" depending on the material, but I’d expect heat warping.

So far I haven’t needed the extra travel and wish I’d spent that money elsewhere.

The first picture is about how much of the pan you use without the xl kit and the second is how much you use with the kit.The kit just lets you use the entire pan at the expense of taking up a little more room in your garage.It was worth it to me.

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It is my understanding that the water table is long enough for the XL expansion and that is the reason they recommend using the water table with the XL kit

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I’d be happy to take it off your hands. It will save a lot of workshop space, I’m sure.

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Welcome to the forum @asforme

Yes, that is intended.

Your torch will still be cutting within the envelope of the water table.

This photo @TomWS recommended

and the photos @Heath posted show it clearly.

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I want to thank you all for weighting in and commenting. You have helped me to see this issue from a different perspective. I understand how the XL option works now. Thanks again.



I guess I’ll have to pull my XL kit out and install it now that I understand how it works. Thanks for the instruction. It’s too bad that sort of information can’t be included in some instructions.

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Crossfire assembly instructions under support has a note and instructions in it for the xl kit assembly

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It’s even worse when people don’t read the instructions they’re given.


I saw the note where a water table is recommended, but there’s nothing to indicate that the same water table will function with both CF and CFXL.

The information was and is available to build and use the XL kit so don’t claim

which is patently false. That it sat in the corner of your shop because you didn’t read how to build it is no one’s fault but your own. So own it, quit trying to blame someone else.