Crossfire XL free to good home - Hartford CT area

I have an original Crossfire upgraded to an XL free to a good home. I was going to take it (& its bigger brother) to our new house but have decided I’ve got neither the room for it nor likely to use it again. I haven’t used it since I got the Pro a few years ago.

If you’re in the Hartford CT area and are able to pick it up (it’s fully assembled so a pickup or van would be best) it can be yours. It runs Mach3 & you can have my license as I don’t use Mach3 for anything else.

Unfortunately, I’ve already moved the plasma cutter to NC so I can’t include that with the table.

PM me if interested. If I don’t hear anything in a week, it’ll go on Freecycle and Craigslist before heading off to the landfill :frowning:


Might try a local school.

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