Crossfire X-RAY movable

Has anyone put the Crossfire XR on rollers. I have not ordered the system yet . I am just looking at all my options for location and possible movement in my shop if needed. If anyone has done this or attempted it please advise any helpfull information to help me decide if this should be attempted.

I put mine on castors, I will try and get you some pictures and post them

Thanks for the info, that would be great.

I welded the castors to the XR leveling pads, worked out great move table with ease. The table stays square, very sturdy frame on the XR.
The castors are 650-pound capacity a piece, purchased at Menards.


Thanks for the help and photos, located what looks to be near the same casters at Tractor Supply today. They are 4" with a 600 lb rating so that should work just fine. Thanks again.

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I ordered some casters from You can order them with the threaded rod that screws right in, and they’re rated for 700lbs each. They screwed right in and I can move my machine around the shop with one hand.


What table do you have?

Just finished building the XR.

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