Crossfire with Vipercut 30i intermittently stops cutting


FNG here with a question. So I’m cutting a plaque out of 14 gauge sheet steel and the tool follows the path perfectly but the torch will shut off for a few seconds and then come back on. The path works fine in simulation and the G-code seems to be fine but there is something going on with the torch. Anyone got any suggestions???

I am having the same type of issue. I kick off a cut and the torch fires and when it moves to the next cut the torch doesn’t fire it still moves through the design and then when it moves to a new position/cut it fires and cuts fine then moves and stops cutting. Very odd. If by chance you have figured out the problem I would be curious to know what you found. I have a brand new crossfire and razorweld 45.

do you have a 2T 4T switch?

if so push it…see what happens…
sounds like a classic 2T4T switch issue.

let us know if this works

Check your consumables. If you have replaced the retaining cup it may be the wrong one. It should have 6 air holes if it has 2 or 4 it will not fire till the post flow stops.


Hey BryanD

So I figured out that the table has to be flat. The arm adjustment needs to be pretty precise and the torch needs to be really close to the material. I started clamping down the sheet to the table and that helped. Also, check the sacrificial slats on the table to make sure there are no spots holding the material up and making it uneven on the table… I take an angle grinder to those slats after every cut just to make sure there are no bits that would cause the sheet to sit uneven. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, After much investigation I am finding that What bhart said it my problem. I am cutting 14 guage and any difference in distance of torch to material can cause the torch to go out and the rest of the path is not cut. The trick now is figuring out how to clamp the material because I have tried from 50 inches per minute cut speed to 100 inches more than 100 doesn’t seem to cut through the steel a lot less than 100 tends to cause major warping even with the water table. I am finding around 80 inches per minute seems to be the sweet spot for 14 on my machine. but I still have a warping problem when the torch stays in one area too long. If I watch very carefully and use a short stick of steel to hold down the material in the middle while cutting it seems to work ok just need to figure out how to clamp the material and still have it stay out of the way of the torch. If I cut out a circle the round cut out tends to warp just enough to cause arc issues.

What’s the height of your water in the pan? Sometimes bumping up the water level can help cool the metal enough to eliminate warping. Otherwise I’ve used flat stock - like 2x1/4" laid on the material and then clamped on the front & back ends of the water pan.

I have the water about 1/4 inch from the steel plate. I am going to experiment though with adding more to just touch the steel plate or as close as possible without causing a complete mess. and thanks for the flat stock tip. I thought about that but given the warping is so closed to other cuts the flat would be in the way if I put it in a position to hold down the steel. I may do that though on the outside edges if for nothing else to prevent any movement it may help.