Crossfire with titanium 65 question

im new to the forum, i have a crossfire without the THC, I had a hand torch which it was working correctly, recently upgraded to a machine torch and the titanium 65 plasma is throwing me a code F06 Electrode and nozzle stuck together, parts are brand new. is the torch not compatible?
thank you in advance

@sergio welcome to the forum.

Where is the torch clamped to the z-axis? clamping too tight, too low can jam up the action of the blow back torch start.

Which machine torch did you upgrade to?

Thank you !!, is clamped to the origina langmuir bracket, is not too tight and im about 1/8”+ over the the table,
Torch is a X45 from plasmadyn. @TinWhisperer

This is what Tin is referencing to with the mounting. Sometimes you can get by with a clamp on that lower part but it is sometimes “Russian Roulette.”

You may have seen a conflicting graphic/photo in some of the installation literature that shows the clamp mounted lower.


got it, torch is mounted to the part where the consumable is.
I’m using the standard mounting bracket. I disconnected the machine torch and connect the hand torch and it works just fine, I feel like is a wiring issue with the torch, maybe is wired different or not compatible with the plasma?



Glad you got it figured out.

If you shared a photo of how the machine torch was mounted, that would be helpful.
Machine torches are generally durable but can be damaged. If you are certain it was meant for your Titanium cutter then it is possible you got a defective one.

More people are using their hand torch on these tables than machine torches so you’ll be fine. It is just much more convenient to check and replace the consumables on the machine torch. So…don’t get lazy with checking your consumables!!! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think he is using the hand torch mount for the machine torch.


You need to purchase the machine torch mount, don’t mount the machine torch to hand torch mount…

Buy one or make one. Picatinny rail and scope rings, 3d Print, other vendors

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Hey Sergio,

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The Machine Torch does necessitate the use of a Machine Torch Mount, as expressed by others in this thread. You can buy an official CrossFire Machine Torch Mount on our Store page or, as @Sticks pointed out, you could fashion one yourself/source one elsewhere.


Thank you all for the comments/answers
after going back and forth with Plasmadyn (best customers service ever) there was a combination of issues, titanium machines come very low PSI on the internal regulator I bought a torch for a 45 not a 65 so wiring was different, and there was an error with the consumables, I bought a torch mount from the langmuir website already,

thank y’all


The 45 and 65 are wired the same. Consumables are also the same except the 65 has a larger orifice hole in the tip.

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