Crossfire wifi capable?

Is a crossfire machine wifi capable for file transfer. Or do you need to do all your cad and cam work on the machine.

No files get loaded to the machine itself. Cut files get loaded on whatever computer you use to control it. If you can transfer files to that computer via wifi, then you can load them into Firecontrol to cut.

I do all my CAD/CAM on my laptop and transfer them to the mini pc, that I use for the table, with a USB thumb drive.

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I use Wifi and Google Drive. My drawing PC or Laptop stay clean and happy in the house. The old beater that stays in the shop has a WiFi card and Firecontrol. I drop the .tap Files in my Google drive folder and download them to the beater. Pull them up in Firecontrol cut and repeat.

Since you provide the PC you decide if it’s WiFi capable.

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I just ordered a XR, I am trying to sort out the hole process. SOOO the mini pc comes with and is part of the machine? And it runs the fire control program. and you transfer your files by thumb drive.

The XR is a whole different machine. I’m not familiar with how the included computer works, but I would assume it works similar to using your own computer on a Crossfire or Crossfire Pro.

OK I have to provide a pc to hook up to the Crossfire XR to run the fire control.

Since you provide the PC you decide if it’s WiFi capable.
sorry ds690 i was typing and didn’t see your reply

when I ordered the XR I thought it came with a computer and assumed they all did, I’m bad

it does come with a computer and a touchscreen.

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Is it wifi capable or do i need to run a Ethernet cable to the machine from my router.

that i don’t know but i’m sure modern PC’s have built in wifi, even the mini PC’s. you can always use a USB adapter i guess.

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I hope, It would make it a lot easer for driver and software updates. and for Langmuir to trouble shoot the system/machine if there is a problem.

My comments earlier were from my experience with the CrossFire (XL) and the CrossFire Pro.
The XR is brand new other than Langmuir Staff I don’t know that any of us have anymore information on it than you do.
The XR sales FAQ notes that if you have more questions reach out to
Drop support a quick Email ask about WiFi
If you find out please repost here.

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Thanks, will do. I should have been more specific in my question.

Just received word from Langmuir support and the Crossfire XR on board computer will have internet access. But they did not say what type of connection it would be. My guess is it will be Ethernet cable for a more reliable connection.

I would bet it has a wifi card in it…there are not many systems outhtere now adays that are not wifi enabled…even hearing aids are wifi and bluetooth…

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Even if it don’t have built in wifi, a USB wifi could be added. We’ll need to wait I guess.

Wifi works good If your access point is close and in a home environment. 2.4G will cut though walls and floors better than 5G will. but if your have any RF interference or steel sheeting or walls in the path of the signal it could cause problems. I hope it has a ethernet port on the computer, then I can run a shielded cable straight from the router.