Crossfire vs Crossfire Pro

If both were available at this time which table would you buy, the crossfire or crossfire pro?


PRO all day long for the additional cut capacity (overall size) and torch height controls. That being said if budget was an issue, the regular crossfire was/is a great table.


Just about every hobby I get.into i usually upgrade after trying to save and get the cheaper items…If you stick with it you will grow out of the crossfire.Things that you once could live with will start to bother you.I love my little crossfire but I’m ready to uograde.I didnt have the option to choose.I ordered my crossfire on day one launch.


The cross fire pro would be the best choise.
And get thc option.

Hey table

I’d base it on your required work envelope. My shop is cramped with too many other tools, so there’s no real space for a larger table (otherwise I’d have chosen a 5’x10’ cutter! :drooling_face:) I immediately added a THC and contactless probing (~$500, though I admit to splurging on extra fancy connectors) since I primarily cut thin stuff. The work envelope is great for me since most my parts are under 12"x12"… I did get around to installing the XL kit a month ago (It was sitting on a shelf since January) and for me it just added more machine to stub my elbows against… From my perspective the only real advantage of a large table would be the ability to load a full sheet at a time without pre-cutting it. As always YMMV…

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Thanks, I am still leaning towards the crossfire, if the Pro was available, I would be more tempted towards it.
Still considering the Wright cnc… I get more confused by the day.

We are in the same boat. If the Pro was available now, I think it would be an easy decision but I’m also considering the Wright CNC vs. Langmuir Crossfire. The way I’m figuring all of this is realizing I know nothing about CNC and would probably be best to start small and then upgrade if needed. Good luck!

I have decided to go with the Langmuir, so I can use my HyperTherm30XP
I spoke with Wright CNC yesterday about using my current HyperTherm xp30, and they told me the minimum I could use would be a 45amp cutter. Of course they would be glad to sell me a new HypeTherm 45.
So I guess Langnuir is the way to go.
If my plans for the plasma cutting work out, I will definitely buy a 45, so it is a shame the Wright machine won’t work

I went with the regular crossfire table, Wished it was a bit bigger so got the XL kit, Well then the pro came out and felt i needed that extra cutting area. And the THC will be awsome when it arrives. And i have a day job and only use it for a hobby, making artsy things.